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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

i want to learn japanese! and learn how to cook fusion food , jap food too! (=

other stuff:

damn i really need to do something going on like this wont work.


seriously stop biching about my bedtime and waketime.

8:01 AM

Monday, December 11, 2006

shred the chem txtbk now.

12:34 AM

Sunday, December 10, 2006

after so long... Photos! a first' i must say!

Ok ill start with my lil bro's bday! =)

Well... lets see if you can guess where this is ^^ A game of wackowacko?

Hooray! its a cake!

Knights of the.. long table? Floopy Swords? o_O

Oh a blacksmith!

huff! puff! whooosshh~ my oh my the big* bad wolf?

fin. darn i cldnt show you the presents.. loads man

Ah ok next up, FOOD! restaurant by the river: my humble house

Nice lilys on the table =)

diff view. not a bad pic. messing with the cam functions hehe

largeprawnsfriedwasabimayomintleavesrosebitshoneydewonawhiteplate. xP

atlanticcodmarinatedpanfriedtillluxuriousbrownsesamefluffyeggwhitegarlicbreadoystersaucetotopit o_o

these 2 dishes.. xP + o_o = hungry

what do you think you are doing? nottinotti dont play with your food

Oh ya this place is rather near my house is chengdu... theres a nice park which we had to WALK through to get here...

this is considered nice.. part of dufu cao tang (thepark) ill get more pics of the place.. *hopefully im not too lazy*

cotton candy machine

eh its peddle driven!? O_O wow.

ok i guess thats all for now ^^ next time ill post some on the trip to china:guilin to blur sotongs..
yes. its another place i had to take a domestic flight.

note: omg i will only be in sg for 4 days in dec o_o and school is like the next day i fly back from melbourne... why cant things be BTR planned T_T

8:18 AM

Friday, November 03, 2006

Mehx after upgrading my modem's firmware at POTONG PASIR ... omg! so farrr. i realised my 3m ethernet cable may be of the wrong type. -.- GREAT. and for some reason the speed of the internet still doesnt match up with the plan... haiz technology is just so screwd up... GIVE ME MY NET SPEED! gah this post if full of jargon...

hurry up torrents... irritating.

upcoming events: 1.chalet 2.airplane

tuition 2molo at 9am! noooo >.<

7:28 AM

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

[S]t][0][P] Nagging ... what isit with teachers and parents! ugh.

DAMN. it. look it is H-O-L-I-D-A-Y-S thats what my body clock tells me. everybody is in that sort of mood! why wont our teachers just STOP changing?! !@#$%^&* i like the idea of having triple science books from sec1 just teach them the topics theyre supposed to learnand leave out the parts that are not in their syllabus. just look > pros vs cons


-save money
-study-N2 ppl can read other chaps if they want
-no junk build up at home
-promotes being green we all become little environmentalists


-heavy books
-out of syllabus (EASILY SOLVED)

so the simplified ratio = 2:1
DONT you agree? YEAH?

just cos i start a game at 10:45 and you msn me then i switch to the game screen then not replying immediately.. im not ignoring you !!!! !@#$%^&* !@#$%^&*

If im tired means i am tired. what happens? i fall ASLEEP. Just hypnotize me to do things the way you people want. I dont care. Satisfy yourself, create your personalised robot. WHOAAA

yesterday's LAN outing was shitty too. bldy strangers and freaking delay on bnet...
When will the world end?

7:18 AM

Monday, October 23, 2006

No i did not eat mac for breakfast. i dont plan to besides i think i feel like eating pizza... eh wait ice cream at 0100! o_O k weird.

Classroom assembly then some announcements by teachers etc.. blah usuual stuff... Then left shcool 8+ took cab to SIM for "The Arena" some debate* competition organised by mediacorp...
im not too keen about it man it looks so daunting.. all the bigshot debaters sitting at the judging table and with the lights, camera ooo bright.. ahem bleahx! dont like it. its just AWKWARD forcing you to put up a show each time you progress to the next round... (yeah we made it) just get the all girl's teams to do that i think theyll be happy to act.. so fake. hello!?!? we got past the first round not the finals and i dont think im the wild crazy type.. maybe crazy but not wild?

any form of competition kinda sux cos when you keep losing you feel like shit for some reason...
liek if i keep losing in gunbound or some other game i feel sorta down even though it IS a game but games usually affect my mood if i have had a bad day and need something to erm... cheer me up? not exactly... gah i cant explain it hmm or it could be we all like feel 'power' being able to 'dominate' others or it could be a figment of my imagination.

I want to watch The Prestige.. anybody going well cos it tuesday morning...

its so real|fake - televison

9:55 AM

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Well i really hope the blog will stay like this for a while... tells myself nto to mess with it.

Today i am just reaking bored. dota? nah other games other than dota? i guess not... o_O oh gunbound! hmmm... still bored. dan is giving me new songs to dl maybe itll be a little more nosiy now. nobody to talk to here.. at least if my little brother were around there would be some noise.
debate ruins my mood.. i try to "enjoy" it but it just doesnt work. haiz do you know i really really really wanted to quit in sec2? vice principal talked to me... how am i supposed to quit... nvm..

Anime marathon now.. ive downloaded nearly 2 whole series... about 66 episodes i think but it only lasted a week... i dont wanna fight over the tv with my grandparents besides i cancelled the cable tv for a faster net its handy. im TRYING to download naruto but the first 25 files are slow!!! can anybody lend me the first 100 episodes? grumble.. oh and "Air Gear" reminded me about roller blades.. i feel like roller blading again; its fun but i need a pair that is "suitable" for doing tricks i learnt a few and i think ive forgotten how to do them -_____- its really fun though keep me occupied

RANT! seriously this years EOY results is S-H-I-T Yes stupid agrument that many others did bad as well.. but i dont care i set myself a marker i MUST reach but it just got screwd. A math was the most disappointing. physics too but it cldnt be helped. chem was expected i failed it. when i say im gonan fail i really mean it i didnt wanan say it but i knew it was going to happen. believe me.
i dont lie about my results.
l1r5: 18 , lvl 52, <<< rubbish: i will never want to see anything worse than this
to all out there: if youre gonna say "hey youre smarter than me" "you and whoever definately going to thrash me in this test your so much smarter than me, your class was one of the best last year" ... FUCK OFF seriously. DO YOU have any idea how horrible it feels to listen to all that bogus SHIT just to get lousier results than the former? go figure. ponder about it. how much it hurts.

punching the wall.

6:31 AM